Frequently Asked Questions

Sure. Click here to download for FL policies. Or here for FL Windward policies. Coming soon TX policies.

Download this handy form, fill it out and have your local agent upload it to your policy. Or send it to us via email:
Please note it takes up to five days to process these type of requests.



Yes. You can pay your bill, view your payment history and status, view your billing plan and due dates, view and print your coverage and ID card, and even view your local agent’s contact information. Click here to log-in


Your policy premium notice is sent to you with enough time to schedule or make your payment. The notice will include the premium due and due date.

Yes, you may be subject to a late fee if payment is received after the due date. The amounts are listed on your installment notice.

Yes, your policy will renew automatically every 6 months. Please make sure to make your car insurance payments on time.

Please reference your insurance ID card for your agent’s agency name and phone number.

Yes you can! You can sign up for our EZ Pay, electronic funds transfer system and receive a discount as well. Payments can be automatically withdrawn on a specific date with a check or credit/debit card.

As soon as you sign up for a Windhaven Insurance policy, you will receive your bound application, declarations page and ID cards from your local independent agent. These documents will highlight what coverages, vehicles and drivers are listed on the policy. If you notice any missing or incorrect information, please contact your agent immediately.

Yes, please contact your agent with your new address and contact information as soon as possible.

Please contact our First Notice of Loss division at 1-866-595-4080 for an associate to help you.

Please check your policy details to determine if you have “Rental Reimbursement” on your policy. Rental is paid on a reimbursement basis.

In most cases, your agent can reinstate your policy fast if it was cancelled for non-payment within the first ten days. Otherwise they can quickly re-start it for you as well. Keeping your insurance is important legally and it also saves you money, as a break in coverage can make getting a new policy more expensive.

In order to cancel your policy, please see your agent to send us a signed request with the requested date of cancellation. Note: Additional documents may be asked for.

No, not necessarily. We don’t want that. (Unless you don’t pay your bill, of course.) Download this guide which will help you better understand our bill. (It’s in English & Spanish for your convenience.)

This website will confirm the policy status, liability coverage limits and comp/coll deductibles for a particular VIN. If a policy is currently in cancelled or expired status, this website will provide that information to the lienholder. If a particular coverage does not exist on an active policy, that line item will say “No Coverage”. Click here to log in.

Chat us with your policy question or billing and address changes. It is faster than calling us. Just visit and click on the Live Chat box.

To update your phone number and/or email Log-in on your account, go to Profile on the top navigation bar to update your new email/phone.

Please Note: You will need to contact your agent to change your address because it will most likely change the cost of your insurance.

Windhaven website

Step 1: Log-in to your account.

Step 2: Go to Profile.

Step 3: Select Contact Your Agent.

Windhaven app

Step 1: Log in to your app account.

Step 2: Click on Your Agent to view your agent’s contact information.


You can report your claim online and receive the same prompt and courteous service that our customers receive over the phone.

To report a claim online simply Log in, go to Claims, select Start new claim.

You will be asked to provide:

  • A general description of what happened.
  • Date and time it occured.
  • Where it happened.

Throughout the report, we may ask for additional information such as driver and vehicle information. After providing the required information select Submit and your Claim will be filed.

We will follow up with you right away.

Go to Policyholder and Log-in to your account. Then, select Documents from the top navigation bar. Next, click the document you would like to view.


Step 1: Log in on your account.

Step 2: Click on Documents on the top navigation bar.

Step 3: Find your ID card.

Via Windhaven app

Your ID Card is available on your windhaven app. To access your ID Card Log in and select ID Cards.

You can check your Status, General information, Policy Number, Policy Documents and more just by clicking above or below to log in to your account today.

It happens to the best of us! Sometimes we just forget our passwords. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you.

Step 1: Log in on your account.

Step 2: Click on the link Forgot Your Username or Password.

Step 3: Enter your email address.

Step 4: Your username and password to login will be sent to your email. Please check your inbox. If you were unable to find the credentials email in your inbox, please check your spam inbox.


Windhaven app

Step 1: Open the app.

Step 2: Under the log in area, select Forgot Password option.

Step 3: Fill out the form entering email address and date of birth.

Step 4: Click on Reset Password.

Step 5: You’ll be required to enter your email address and check your inbox to reset your password.

Sometimes life gets in the way and you can’t remember if you’ve made a payment. We’ve made it easy!

You can do it via our website by following these steps:

Step 1: Go to Policyholder Log-in.

Step 2: Select Payment Info on the top menu.

Step 3: Click on Installment Schedule to view your due dates.

The deductible is the amount of money you pay toward the damage of your vehicle before your policy starts to pay.  Your deductible amount can be found on the declaration page of your insurance policy.  For example, you have a policy for collision damage with $500 deductible.  After an appraisal of your vehicle is complete it is determined that it will cost $2,500 to repair your car.  You will pay the repair facility the first $500, and Windhaven will pay the remaining $2,000.

If you have Rental Reimbursement on your policy, rental is paid on a reimbursement basis. When you turn in your rental car just submit your invoice for immediate reimbursement of your rental expenses. (Note: reimbursement will not include the cost of additional insurance. Subject to the terms and conditions of the endorsement. And subject to applicable policy limits)

If there is additional damage simply have the repair facility call our supplement hotline at 1-800-919-9114 ext. 4938 or email us at

Yes. Advise your adjuster and we will get  Direction to Pay form from the repair shop, authorizing us to pay the repair shop directly. Windhaven Insurance also offers a Direct Repair Program where we have an  established network with high quality repair facilities which will expedite the claims process while paying the claim directly to the repair shop.

Florida and Texas law requires that the lien-holder be included on any payment over $2500 on the check. With regards to first party claims, the lien holder has to be included on the check regardless of the amount.

Policy limits vary due to our vast program selections and options. A written request may be required for disclosure of the policy coverage limits in accordance to Florida & Texas Statutes.

Notifications on the progress of your claim. Your Claims Tracker is available online, on our mobile app in FL and emailed to you as important steps are resolved for your claim. Notifications are sent to you proactively so you don’t have to call us to find out key information or steps being taken on your claim.

  • Claim Reported: This means we are in the process of opening your newly reported claim. No need to call back. The next step is on us. We’ll notify you when your claim is officially opened shortly.
  • Claim Opened: This means your claim is officially open. We’re on it. No need to call back. Our next step is to assign an adjuster to evaluate your reported loss.
  • Claims History: This is the timeline and events recorded by date during your claim. The most recent event is always first.
  • Adjuster Assignment Pending: This means we will assign someone soon to your claim. Your adjuster will call and introduce themselves and immediately begin work on your claim to get it resolved.
  • Adjuster Assigned: This is the name of your adjuster who is evaluating your claim. Your adjuster will call you to review your claim. Depending on your claim and the coverages on your or others policies, you may have a few different adjusters evaluating different aspects of your claim.
  • Appraiser Name: This is the Windhaven staff member or 3rd party body shop that you selected to help create an estimate of your loss. If you haven’t yet spoken with your appraiser you can contact them at the number provided to set up an appointment.
  • Appraisal Opened: This means we’re making good progress. We are starting to create an estimate for your loss. No need to call, your adjuster will give you a call to go over your estimate once completed.
  • Coverage: You may have different coverages on your policy. Some protect your vehicle like Comprehensive and Collision, others protect you and passengers in your vehicle like Personal Injury Protection. Liability coverages like Bodily Injury and Property Damage pay for damages to other passengers, vehicles and property if the policyholder is found at fault in an accident. This section details which coverage of your claim is being worked on. Currently the Claims Tracker does not give updates on Personal Injury Protection and Bodily Injury coverages.
  • Payment: This means your claim is about to be paid and will be sent to your address on file.
  • Voided Check: This means you requested that the claims check we sent to be voided or cancelled.
  • Claim Closed: This means your claim has officially been closed. If you have any questions please contact your last adjuster.

Who can do what?

As a policyholder here's a quick list of who you should contact for specific requests.
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