What are the different notifications sent to me?

by Nicholas Fidanza

  • Claim Reported: This means we are in the process of opening your newly reported claim. No need to call back. The next step is on us. We’ll notify you when your claim is officially opened shortly.
  • Claim Opened: This means your claim is officially open. We’re on it. No need to call back. Our next step is to assign an adjuster to evaluate your reported loss.
  • Claims History: This is the timeline and events recorded by date during your claim. The most recent event is always first.
  • Adjuster Assignment Pending: This means we will assign someone soon to your claim. Your adjuster will call and introduce themselves and immediately begin work on your claim to get it resolved.
  • Adjuster Assigned: This is the name of your adjuster who is evaluating your claim. Your adjuster will call you to review your claim. Depending on your claim and the coverages on your or others policies, you may have a few different adjusters evaluating different aspects of your claim.
  • Appraiser Name: This is the Windhaven staff member or 3rd party body shop that you selected to help create an estimate of your loss. If you haven’t yet spoken with your appraiser you can contact them at the number provided to set up an appointment.
  • Appraisal Opened: This means we’re making good progress. We are starting to create an estimate for your loss. No need to call, your adjuster will give you a call to go over your estimate once completed.
  • Coverage: You may have different coverages on your policy. Some protect your vehicle like Comprehensive and Collision, others protect you and passengers in your vehicle like Personal Injury Protection. Liability coverages like Bodily Injury and Property Damage pay for damages to other passengers, vehicles and property if the policyholder is found at fault in an accident. This section details which coverage of your claim is being worked on. Currently the Claims Tracker does not give updates on Personal Injury Protection and Bodily Injury coverages.
  • Payment: This means your claim is about to be paid and will be sent to your address on file.
  • Voided Check: This means you requested that the claims check we sent to be voided or cancelled.
  • Claim Closed: This means your claim has officially been closed. If you have any questions please contact your last adjuster.